Urban Pollinators

Urban Pollinators (2018) seeks to display pollinators, including bees, bats, butterflies and hummingbirds, as beautiful members of the urban ecosystem. Each pollinator was illustrated with plant matter incorporated into their being to show these creatures’ many ties to our gardens and the natural world at large.

The illustrations were assembled into a repeating pattern and printed on cotton fabric, which was then cut and coated in beeswax to make reusable wraps for storing the fresh foods that pollinators provide us. Finally, the pollinator illustrations were also formatted onto blank notecards and painted with watercolors. The combined products are proposed for use as invitations to an outdoor event or to be sold in sets to raise funds for a community garden, all with the goal of supporting habitat for urban pollinators.

Urban Pollinators
Beewax wraps, various sizes
Cotton lawn fabric, Massachusetts beeswax


Climate Change: Creating Conversations on a Global Crisis, Multicultural Arts Center (Cambridge, MA), curated by Martha Heller and Adriana G. Prat for i3C Artists | View the virtual exhibition.

Edible Insect Festival, Science and Engineering Complex, Tufts University (Medford, MA), featured artist by Chef Joseph Yoon of Brooklyn Bugs