Coffe Hour in Istanbul

On a trip to Istanbul with a design-focused course I was profoundly struck by the city's patchwork of historical structures, multicultural heritage and cutting-edge craft visible in the layers of its rich urban expressions.
The blending of deep tradition and hip, vibrant spaces apexed in the neighborhood coffee houses of Karaköy and Galata, where Turkish coffee and çay tea are served day and night with an easy-going attitude towards the everyday routines of work and play. Coffee flows across Turkey through centuries-old trade routes, while the classic crimson-colored çay is a product of domestic production.

Considering the diverse reflections captured in these equally indispensable beverages, I designed a clothing line for locals to wear on their next visit to the coffee house, to meet with friends, read a book or simply sip a cup of coffee or çay and enjoy.

Coffee Hour in Istanbul
From top left to bottom right: Mood board with journal sketches, Design board with technical flats of Turkish şalvar pants, Model in runway look, Illustrations of complete clothing line


Instinct: Apparel Design Senior Fashion Show, Ralph Rapson Hall, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN), exhibitor for the College of Design