Hot Drinks Runway Look

Imprints, a design showcase at the Weisman Art Museum, asked designers to translate a narrative from their identity into a runway look using non-traditional materials. Concurrently on display, sculptures of haphazardly posed human figures by Melissa Stern presented narratives of archetypal dualities across humor and strife, tenderness and toil, absurdity and delight.
Hot drinks, such coffee, tea and yerba mate, occupy a central role in my narrative, from the joy and reflection I gain in the daily brewing process, to the comfort provided while sipping, to the energy absorbed by my body. The mugs used to transport my hot drinks are rigid vessels that deliver an internal warmth, a fuel I draw on throughout the day.

Referencing a suit of armor, my runway look used ceramic mugs and stiffened coffee filters to create a shielding garment worn in conjunction with a more functional burlap jacket and under layers. Beyond gently fortifying me to take on each day, my hot drinks ritual is a means to connect with many cultures, people and philosophies, informing my practice as I share a warm mug.

Imprints: Hot Drinks Runway Look
Ceramic mugs, coffee filters, tea bag tags, cording, fabric


Imprints, Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN), participant in student design showcase
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