b. St. Paul, MN, USA
Lives in Boston, MA

Artist statement

Michaela Morse is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist who seeks to listen deeply and respond carefully to people and materials. She works with fibers, organic matter, repurposed objects, educational materials, photography and digital processes to investigate how ideas intersect. A common thread in her practice is considering the ways in which we are intertwined with other beings, across greater social and cultural exchanges in this relational place.

What impacts do our bodies have on the greater Earth body? How do we communicate across this anthropological tapestry? From research to fabrication, Michaela strives to practice a more world-centered way of thinking and reflect rigorously on the contemporary challenges of living in an out-of-balance biosphere that is pushing back, calling us into relationships with one another and the planet in which the livelihoods of all entities are always already inextricable.
Learn more about Michaela’s critical positioning as an artist: Watch an interview with Joana Alarcão of Insights of an Eco Artist.

I’d be happy to hear from you. Contact me at morse.michaelar[at]gmail.com.